About Us

The Miami Valley Caller Association (MVCA) is an organization of dance leaders dedicated to practicing, promoting, and preserving square, round, contra, line, and traditional dancing in the Dayton, Ohio area.

Professional growth is a core mission for the MVCA.  To that end, we sponsor workshops and seminars with nationally recognized dance leaders and teachers.  We conduct mini-workshops at our regular meetings, and we encourage our members to attend national dance leader conventions in their dance specialty.

Educating the general public about square dancing is also a core mission for the MVCA.  Our dance leaders are always ready to lend their time and expertise to demonstrate our dances at fairs and festivals, for various church and social groups, and indeed any place where we can meet new people and encourage them to join the dance activity.

In addition to calling, cueing, and prompting dances for experienced dancers and dance clubs, many of our members do party dances for church groups, social clubs, businesses, and special events.  Party dances (sometimes called hoedowns) are designed to provide a fun and relaxing evening for folks who have no prior dance experience.  Use the drop down menu under Our Members in the navigation bar above to find dance leaders who specialize in party dances.

The MVCA is an affiliate of CALLERLAB, the international square dance caller association.